Rooms available at the Chateau

Conference fees do not include accommodation.

Rooms need to be booked directly with the Chateau de Bossey. Please contact us if you have a problem booking a room and we will try to help.

Many local participants will go home for the night. Overnight stay is optional on Friday, Saturday or Sunday 22-24 March 2019.

Dinner on Friday and Saturday will be available to those wishing to dine at the Chateau for a modest cost. A vegetarian option will be available.

Our reservation is from Friday, March 22th, to Sunday, 24th.

Rooms are all in the main Chateau.

Bedrooms with private bathroom:

1 pers.: CHF 116.- / night B&B, city tax included
2 pers.: CHF 146.- / night B&B, city tax included
3 pers.: CHF 176.- / night B&B, city tax included

Bedrooms with shared bathroom:

1 pers.: CHF 71.- / night B&B, city tax included
2 pers.: CHF 101.- / night B&B, city tax included

If you wish to reserve a room for the retreat for Friday and/or Saturday please call or email the Reception and indicate that you are attending the Inspired Writing Retreat.  (If you go on to the website to reserve, it will indicate that there is nothing available as the rooms are set aside for the Retreat.) 

To reserve your room please contact the Reception and mention the Inspired Writing Retreat.

phone: +41 22 960 7300
Email the Chateau

Inspired Writing Retreat

Bringing Inspiration through Writing
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